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Sports and Chiropractic

Injures that occur in a contact sport such as, football or hockey are similar to those obtained in an auto accident. When the body is subjected to a forceful impact, the vertebrae and soft tissues are compromised. Injuries that occur to the arms and legs are often detected quickly and can be corrected. The damage done to the displacement of vertebrae in the neck or back may not be detected until much later. Sports that require repetitive twisting bending or impact can also lead to damage. Activities such as golf, tennis, running or gymnastics can lead to injuries to the soft tissues around the spine such as muscle, ligaments, tendons and discs from repeated jarring causing wear and tear.

A chiropractor can help restore proper spinal alignment with a series of spinal adjustments, soft tissue work and other modalities such as hot or cold compresses and traction. Doctors trained in sports chiropractic have specific training in treating injuries from sports and athletics to help improve performance.

The reason why U.S. Olympic Teams, professional sports teams and professional athletes rely on regular chiropractic care is because it works! Chiropractic speeds recovery from injury, enhances performance and helps prevent future problems. Sports chiropractors ensure that athletes return to peak performance by applying chiropractic ideals to restore biomechanical and muscular function. Athletes in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, runners, bowlers and skiers have found that chiropractors are able to give them an edge in their competitions.